25 to Life My Relationship With Jurassic Park

When I sit down and think about this franchise I am heartily reminded that it has had probably the largest impact on my life out of every factor ever to cross my path. It led me to study paleontology, genetics and for a few months work as a zookeeper. But where did it all begin? I was three or four and I was bored waiting for my mother to finish up talking to a store clerk and I as a small child was looking through the VHS tapes for rent. My eye caught a holographic case and it was fascinating. A monster would appear roaring out at me and while I was a little scared I picked it up. The movie was The Lost World Jurassic Park the best of the three sequels to the original. My mind raced as I read the back there was a story here and I had to figure it out. My mother came over and rushed me out of the store, but I remembered the name. My family was reluctant to show me the film I was young and to a child the films can be a bit scary. But my father wanting to be the cool dad got me the VHS tapes. I watched them and instantly had a new obsession. While kids my age were pretending to be pirates or knights I was a geneticist on Isla Nublar building Jurassic Park. I convinced my step father to build me a tree house and within its walls I built my own visitor center. As my dinosaur toy collection grew I had to build a park so my mothers large side yard became my Isla Nublar (Many a Parasaurolophus lost an arm to a lawnmower) I would take large delivery boxes to my mother’s restaurant and build Jeeps for my park. I remember taking two huge boxes and building a RV to study the animals like Ian Malcolm and his team in The Lost World. This would be a continuing theme through out my life. As I got older it turned into recreating props this would lead me to my closest friend and partner on this site Bernard Kyer. Here we are today and while this site has been stagnated and abandoned today that changes. We here at the InGen Historians see a sad state that the franchise is currently locked in and if we can provide a bit of clarity to the more remote sides of the Jurassic Park franchise. Life finds a way dear viewer and oh have we got loads of things to share with you. So, from all of us! To all of you! Welcome to The InGen Historians, and happy 25th anniversary Jurassic Park!